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This pretty much sums up Tumblr in one gif

Bitch, don’t try me. I am Rihanna.


What is love?

Her definition was by far my favorite

"When I was traveling to different places I think I found it hard to enjoy things, but somewhere along the way, I think I learned to appreciate the difference."
"I’m a quiet guy. I don’t really give away too much about my personal life."

Mamrie Hart is a gift to this world

Amelia, Dalia, Tess, Sarah, Finley


50% of my jokes are self deprecating and 50% are self congratulatory like i’ll say “wow its hot in here…. just like me” and 5 seconds later point at a trash can and say “me”


once upon a time i was falling in love now im only falling asleep


if i stay in bed i’ll be warm

if i get in the shower i’ll also be warm

but the distance between the bed and the shower


that is not warm


Demi with fans at LAX yesterday

When your mom asks you if you have a boyfriend and the girl you fucked is standing right next to you

new fav


do you ever just want to hold someone in your arms for about 37 years